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If you want to advertise your static caravan for hire online then you've found the ideal place. Our website is the most popular website in the UK to advertise privately owned static caravans to members of the public.

Advertise with us and they will be able to find your static caravan. All enquiries are sent directly to you, ensuring you stay in complete control of all bookings.

  • Advertise your privately owned static caravan for hire with & receive all the following benefits:
  • A custom designed web page advert that you can edit anytime via our members area.
  • Up to 20 photos and almost unlimited text on your web page.
  • Submission of your caravan advert to ALL major search engines.
  • Choose your letting preferences to prevent enquiries from unsuitable parties (pets, same sex groups, etc).
  • Show availability using our detailed pricing feature or availability calendar.
  • You choose which contact information to show and you deal with all enquiries/bookings.
  • We guarantee you will receive enquiries or we will give you a complete refund.

First 100 places FREE for 18 month's!
First come bases!!

Usual Pricing (Including VAT)

• £65 per year for first caravan submitted.
• £29 per year for each additional caravan you submit.

How to Add Your Caravan!

First register by selecting Sign Up in the top navigation bar. Fill in the details on the left. Once you have done this you will be sent a confirmation email, simply click on the link which will direct you to a page which directs you to your Dashboard.

Once in your Dashboard select Add Caravan from the drop-down or header image.

Hire a UK Caravan

Now you enter your caravan detail, including availability and rate card. You can also enter details about the park and surrounding areas. The * symbol indicates required fields. If you don't fill these fields in it won't let you upload, instead it will highlight in red the missing details.

You can upload multiple images at the same time as described at bottom of listing page. If you have a lot of images, this may take a little time, so be patient!

Once you tick and agree to the terms your upload will begin and a progress box will appear.

The next thing to do is to manage your availability. To do this, after you have added your caravan details your Dashboard will look like this.

Hire a UK Caravan

Select the icon pointed out above then select start dates and end dates to set these periods to unavailable. This will update your calendar showing available and unavailable in different colours.

Now hover over the icons and select the icon which sets the rate card. Again do the same by selecting start and end dates but this time enter the price to stay at your caravan in this period.

Hope this helps!